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So some guy got arrested right outside of our apartment and the sirens woke us up. I'm too alarmed to go back to sleep and Janiey is just.... awake.
OH! She joined DA and made us icons!
And so our icons go like :iconvoreobsessed::iconmedi-sin:
So cuuuuuuuute!

And so I shall steal this meme.

1.) Do you like tickling in general?
[ ] ...I guess I don't dislike it, but I don't get the whole fetish/obsession people have for it.
[ ] NO!
[ ] Not too much, but I don't dislike it either.
[X] Yes, it's adorable.
[X] YES, I LOVE it. It's the best thing ever.
[ ] Other:  

2.) Do you like tickling other people?
[ ] No, they'd hate me for it!
[ ] Not really. It's too awkward.
[ ] Sure, just for fun.
[X] Yes. It's really cute and fun.
[X] YES. It's sexy.
[X] Other: I can't help it.

3.) Do you like being tickled?
[ ] Heh. I'm not ticklish.
[ ] Only for a little bit. I don't like it when the person gets carried away.
[ ] Very much; I can take it for a long time but I mean it when I say stop.
[ ] Oh, YES. I don't care if they tickle me senseless, I'd love them for it.
[X] Other: I enjoy it every now and then, but I'm mostly the one tickling

4.) If you don't like being tickled, why?
[ ] It gets annoying because people think they can actually tickle me.
[ ] I'm UNBEARABLY ticklish!!
[ ] It's just so awkward and uncomfortable.
[ ] Bad/traumatizing experience with it.
[x] Because I'd rather be the tickler!
[ ] Other:

5. If you do like being tickled, why?
[X] It's just so cute, especially when my friends/boyfriend/girlfriend does it to me!
[ ] It feels really good. I don't get turned on by it or anything, but it makes me feel really happy.
[x] It feels AMAZING, and I get very aroused by it.
[x] Other: I know this was the first option, but Janiey's just so cute doing it. And he makes the cutest face ever

6.) If you don't like tickling other people, why?
[ ] Because they might start tickling me back! EEK!
[ ] Because they'd hate me for it or think I'm weird for tickling them.
[ ] Because they'd wimp out and try to tell me to stop!
[X] Because I like it a bit too much; I might get carried away.
[X] Other: I enjoy it. A lot.

7.) Do you burst out laughing at the slightest ticklish touch?
[ ] ugh, yes, which of course makes the person want to tickle more! x_x
[ ] No, but I do get quite giggly.
[ ] I usually let out a tiny giggle from anticipation.
[X] Oh, no. It takes a lot more than just a small wiggle of the fingers to even get me giggling.
[ ] Other:

8.) Most ticklish spots?
[ ] Upper stomach
[ ] Lower stomach
[X] Ribs
[X] Sides
[ ] Underarms
[X] Neck
[ ] Hips
[ ] Thighs
[ ] Limbs
[ ] Knees
[X] Back of knees
[X] Feet
[ ] Other:

9.) Favorite places to tickle:
[x] Upper stomach
[X] Lower stomach
[x] Ribs
[X] Sides
[x] Underarms
[X] Neck
[x] Hips
[x] Thighs
[x] Limbs
[x] Knees
[x] Back of knees
[X] Feet
[ ] Other:

10.) If you were tied down to a tickle table, tickle chair, locked in stocks, etc., how long would you want to be tickled?
[ ] Only a little bit!
[ ] Enough to make me tired/turn me on, but then I'd tell them to stop.
[x] Until I decide that I really do love it.
[ ] Until I'm in tears or start begging.
[ ] Until I pass out from ehxaustion!
[ ] Other: I have passed out before.

11.) If a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend was in the same situation (and assuming that they wanted to be there,) how long would you tickle them?
[ ] NONE! I get them out of there!
[ ] Only a little bit. It's hot and all, but getting carried away is too much.
[ ] A lot, but I'll stop when they tell me to.
[ ] Until they decide that they love it.
[X] Until they're in tears or start pleading.
[X] Until they're too exhausted to think!
[X] Other: Until I decide to stop

12.)What do you LOVE to hear/say when you're tickling someone or being tickled?
[ ] "Tickle tickle tickle!"
[ ] "That reeally tickles, doesn't it?"
[ ] "I didn't know you were THAT ticklish..."
[ ] "I'm not gonna stop anytime soon..."
[ ] "Let's see just how much you can take..."
[ ] Other:  
[x] NONE

13.) Your favorite tickling instrument(s)?
[ ] Feathers
[X] Fingers
[ ] Paintbrushes
[X] Brushes
[ ] Fingernails
[ ] Electric toothbrushes
[X] Tongue
[ ] Other (list here: )

14.) How do you get someone to realize you're ticklish and like being tickled?
[ ] I don't like being tickled! T_T
[ ] Always having a ticklish spot on the body revealed; armpits, midriff, feet, etc.
[ ] Tickle/provoke them in hopes of being tickled back.
[ ] Start a tickle-fight.
[ ] Suggest adding tickling to a game like hide-and-seek or truth-or-dare.
[ ] Casually bring it into a conversation.
[ ] Tell them straight up/ask them to tickle you or let you tickle them.
[X] Other: I usually get attacked if I attack Janiey

15.) What would be the most fun/stimulating in a tickle interrogation?
[X] If the people already know that the victim loves being tickled, and are asking them ridiculous/impossible questions just to tickle them more often.
[ ] If they don't know that the victim love being tickled, but find out later and tickle them all the more.
[ ] If they never find out that the victim loves being tickled and just get more frustrated as they tickle them harder and faster.
[ ] Other:

16.) Who are you the most like when it comes to tickling someone?
[ ] Inzi: you don't take advantage of people who don't like being tickled, but once you find a person who loves it, you take full advantage until they can't take it anymore. You tease and tantalize, making sure that they love it.
[ ] Mina: You're quite shy about it, though you think it's cute. You don't tickle anyone unless you know they love being tickled, then you get...carried away.
[ ] Ayani: You really don't like tickling another person, even if it's just for fun.. It's embarassing. When you do, you're very gentle and usually stop within seconds.
[ ] Brent: You love to tickle people though you don't really admit it in real life. You're very gentle, and are careful to make sure that the person either enjoys it, or can take it for a long time.
[ ] Markus: You're a teaser. You love to slooowly work your fingers, feathers, and other tools along the person's skin to make them crazy, and you'll even go for the more... arousing spots when you find them. You like to keep the person at an even balance between hating the tickling and being turned on by it.
[ ] Justin: You're quite a bit sadistic and don't really care if the person thinks tickling is annoying or overwhelming. You start with taunting them by working your way from least to most ticklish spots, and when you find their most ticklish spot you don't stop until you think they've had enough, which thankfully doesn't take TOO long. You do try to stay on their good side though. You're not merciless, and you care for the person's well-being.
[x] Ragaeli: You're a tickle torturer to the highest degree. You're absolutely merciless when it comes to tickling, and you love to restrain the person and hear them beg/laugh hysterically.

17.) Who are you the most like when it comes to being tickled?
[ ] Inzi: You LOVE it; you find it very fun (and often arousing) and don't mind at all being tickled into exhaustion. The only way you wouldn't like it is if it became painful.
[x] Mina: You love it and kind of panic about it; which probably makes you like it all the more. You think it's a very good feeling (it gets very arousing if tickled in the right spots for long enough,) but you're so unbearably ticklish in certain areas that a part of your brain tells you that it needs to stop.
[ ] Ayani: You really don't like being tickled; it's uncomfortable and overwhelming. You don't mind if a friend tickles you nicely for fun, but you panic if it goes on for too long.
[ ] Brent: Absolutely not! You'll probably start begging the second you start getting tickled! (... but... deep down you can't help but admit that you kind of like it. >w> )
[ ] Markus: You hate it at first and beg for it to stop... then after a good long while, you'll suddenly become very excited or turned on by it and won't want it to stop.
[ ] Justin: As much as you hate to admit it, you really do like it. You won't beg for it to stop, but you'll hint to the person that you find it annoying. You might or might not give in to it; it depends on your mood. You prefer being the one in charge.
[ ] Ragaeli: You don't like having the tides turned against you, and you can't stand being at another person's mercy. You hate being restrained and you're petrified of even being anywhere near feathers.

18.) What did you think of the quiz?
[ ] It was fun! It gave me a chance to show how I feel about tickling.
[X] It was HOT.
[ ] It was...disturbing.
[X] Other:
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